Saturday, 30 May 2009

Tracey Emin - Those Who Suffer Love

Excitement filled the air as I scrambled through the crowds on thursday night for Tracey Emin's first london show in for years. Everyone turn out for the queen of the YBA's, from the cool art students to the well tailored collectors. As you enter the first room you are hit with a provocative projection of a headless women masturbating, it is made up of drawings of a naked women in high heels put together to give a continuously looping flick book film. This piece was intriguing and seemed to be reflecting of the the title, 'those who suffer love', the continuous pleasure of this women is contrasted with the deep loneliness of the none ending action. The show was very stripped back, linear and direct to the point, Tracey herself described it as her ' credit crunch show' and there was none of the pomp usually attached to white cube shows. Down stairs were a selection of note book drawings some from as long ago as 20 years, for these were the pieces that touched me as they showed a raw incite into Tracey's painful past. The Blankets with drawings stitched onto them were quite fabulous and was a interesting way to present the drawing threw the actually stitches. Definitely one to go and see and is on until 4 july. 


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