Sunday, 29 March 2009

Artist Statement - Alexander Innes

My primary medium has always been paint. Originally oils however now I use mixed media on canvas. I had never considered photography to be the main thrust of my artistic expression. But without photography I would not been painting as I do now. I was traveling through southern France recently and the light that I found there was glorious. Travels often open our eyes and our senses. . . we become more alert if we allow ourselves. The first thing that really caught my eye was the decay of the older buildings which were often covered in graffiti. I loved this mixture of the old and the new which was enhanced still further by the light.

In England it is more difficult to find buildings of an age that have been allowed to decay naturally. . . let alone those that have modern marks laid upon them. It was the unintentional accident of these colours and marks that I found most appealing. I find that in Art it is more often than not the accidents that allow You to take steps forward in your work. . . accidents of colour or form. These will often lead You to make discoveries in your own work and lead to experimentation that You may not have considered.

This was the case for me. As I traveled from city to city bathed in beautiful light I began to use a camera properly for the first time. And on my return home it transformed how I paint. Both the mediums and the painterly manner of my work. What I saw on the walls of southern France was energetic and unrehearsed expression. I like this very much as I tend to feel that Nature is itself like this. As an Artist you have to find your own personal expression in whatever medium or manner you use and always be open to new possibilities. . . new discoveries. Travels and photography transformed my Art and opened up a new visual world.

Saturday, 14 March 2009

A Giant of Contemporary Sculpture - Antony Gormley

'Antony Gormley has over the past 25 years revitalised the human form in sculpture through a radical investigation of the body as a place of memory and transformation. “I am interested in the body”, he says, “because it is the place where emotions are most directly registered. When you feel frightened, when you feel excited, happy, depressed somehow the body registers it."
(White Cube Gallery)

TAKASHI MURAKAMI - Gagosian London

Takashi Murakami's show of new work at The Gagosian Gallery, is a must see. This small show consists of 3 paintings and a video work. The centerpiece of Murakami's compact exhibition is a vast and intricate five-panel painting, 'Lots, Lots of Kaikai and Kiki, 2009'. This piece is breathaking in its size and itracacy. This ambitious piece shows the buoyant toon characters which have come to be seen as a reflection of Murakami's own charachter. This visually stunning is full of humor, like many of Takachi's work. This piece is the ultimate self portrait.
This painting is flanked by too massive paintings from the Time Bokan series, begun in 1993, which are also visually amazing.
This show is a definate must see not just for followers of contemporary japanise art but for anyone, an amazing exhibition.

February 10 - April 9, 2009

17-19 Davies Street
London W1K 3DE

Installation Review - Pam Bowman

Pam Bowman is an amazing artist who creates phenomenal installations. Her work is closely related to the natural world and all her materials are carefully chosen and gathered. She uses her experiences of being a woman, mother and wife in her work and her installations reflect the every day house work in an intriguing and exciting way. My favorite from her installations is 'perennial' which displays a journey through a garden. The exotic feeling of the long grass and spices give a eastern feeling to the installation. The hanging fruit shown bellow, are extremely interesting as they seem as if they are floating or falling which creates an sense of the unpredictability of life. Pam really is a great contemporary artist.


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