Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Shaan Syed

Shaan Syed is a young contemporary artist from Canada. He creates some amazing eye catching pieces the stripe picture bellow, 'Bad Neighbour' , relates very closely to the work of Anselm Reyle but Syed used bright colours to create a brilliant exciting feeling to this piece. My favorite series has to be 'And when you're (really) High'. In these canvases Syed uses diagonally crossing stripes of colour on a black background crating an incredible image. The one bellow featured in a successfully show at Brown contemporary and was recently sold at Phillips de Pury. Although it didn't manage to reach its low estimate of $10,000 it eventually sold for %6,250. No doubt this lot was a casualty of the recession and at only $6,250 i think  it  has suffered from the market under valuing this incredible piece. Shaan Syed is definitely one too watch in the coming years.

Shaan Syed Bad Neighbour

Shaan Syed 
SYED_SHAAN And when you're (Really) high no.2, 2007 
sold: May 15, 2009 

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